Airplane seats


Question of the day: what is the best seat on the plane?

It is the big question that all travelers, at least once, have asked themselves. The answer? Depends. Every traveler is different and everyone has different preferences or needs.

There are those who are in a hurry because they have to take a connecting flight, those who are anxious and those who travel with children. For every type of traveler there is an ideal seat.

Many airlines allow you to choose your seat when you buy your ticket, some for free, others for a small extra charge. So let’s try to find out which is our perfect seat, because choosing the right seat can make the difference between a pleasant flight and a forgettable one.

The best place for a quiet trip? Close to the wings

Turbulence is inevitable and is a constant feature of every flight. They are those moments when the aircraft begins to shake and sway when the wind changes in intensity or direction and are mainly felt during take-off, before the aircraft has reached cruising altitude where the air is less disturbed.

Some passengers find these jolts amusing but if they frighten you, it is best to choose a seat in the middle of the plane, preferably over the wings, as this is the most stable area, where jolts due to turbulence are less noticeable.

You should know that heavier aircraft are less prone to these phenomena and therefore, if you have a choice, you should book a flight in the larger aircraft. You can easily verify the type of aircraft used because it can be found in the flight references on the booking sites.

The best place if you need space: near the emergency exits

If you are a tall person or you like to stretch your legs, the best seat for you is between the seats near the emergency exits, which have more space to allow passengers to exit quickly. Some types of aircraft have two rows of seats near the emergency doors. In this case, it is always better to opt for those in the second row, as the backs of the seats in the front row do not recline.

Remember that the seat next to the emergency exit cannot be assigned to persons under 15 years of age.

Alternatively, you can choose an aisle seat.

The best place if you have to catch a connecting fligh: in the front rows

When we have to catch a connecting flight, time is of the essence. Very often airlines allow a minimum time of one hour to ensure the transfer from an arriving flight to a departing one.

Generally, this time is sufficient but sometimes it can be too short when the first flight is delayed or the hub where we have to change is huge and our gate is far away or difficult to reach, especially if it is the first time we are landing at that airport.

In this case, every second is precious and even the few minutes we have to wait to get off the plane can throw us into panic. In this case, the best thing to do is to choose a seat at the front of the plane. Remember that the disembarkation door is always located on the left, so if your aircraft has two aisles, choose a seat in the left aisle, which will move faster than the one on the right.

The best place to sleep: near the windows

Many people like to doze off during a flight. If you are one of them, you should choose a window seat at the front of the plane, preferably on the left side.

When you choose a window seat, you don’t run the risk of being disturbed by passengers having to stand up or finding yourself in the arms of flight attendants who deliver drinks and snacks to the people sitting next to you. You also have the advantage of being able to adjust the blind and manage the outside light as you wish.

The front of the plane, furthest from the engines, is also the least noisy, while the windows on the left side, off-centre from the row due to the position of the front door, allow you to rest your head on the wall, guaranteeing greater comfort and better rest. 

The best seat if you are travelling with children: in the rows behind a bulkhead

If you have ever travelled with children, you will have noticed that it is often difficult to keep them seated for the duration of the flight because getting up and moving around is essential for them. In this case, it is preferable to book seats behind a bulkhead, that dividing wall that separates the sections of the aircraft. 

These seats have the advantage of extra space and, as there is no row in front of them, they allow children to get up and move around without bothering other passengers. Seat your child in the window seat or center seat if you are traveling with two children, and reserve the aisle seat for yourself. From here you can keep a better eye on them and they can be distracted by looking at the view out the window.

The best seat to charge your PC: the middle seat

PCs, tablets and smartphones are convenient pastimes for watching a film or playing games during the flight, but if you don’t want to risk running out of charge, you should choose a seat close to the power socket. This service is not offered by all airlines, but when it is available, the power outlet is usually located under the middle seat.

How to get the best seat

Once we have decided which is the best seat for us, according to our needs, we need to figure out how to get it.

The rules I recommend are very simple:

  • Buy your ticket as early as possible so that you have a wider choice.
  • Check in online now with those airlines that allow you to choose your seat.
  • Agree to pay a little extra to get a more comfortable seat with airlines that only allow paid seat selection.
  • Use the miles you have earned to obtain an upgrade – premium economy already offers significantly better services and comfort than economy basic.

Now you can answer, which is the best seat for you?